How BRL have coped with Lockdown

Shannon Mott
April 30, 2021

March 23rd 2020. Day 1 of lockdown. We all knew it was coming, but we still don’t really know where it will take us.

We are all under no illusion that we are extremely fortunate to live in the beauty of Devon but we didn’t know how perfect it might be for us to be here, in what seems to have been the sunniest few months we’ve ever seen. Some of us have even managed to socially distance on boats.

Ordinarily, after work would see a lot of us stuck in traffic or traversing broken down caravans on the A38 but suddenly that all came to a holt. We went back to a slower way of life. A life where, come 6 o’clock, the commute from the spare bedroom/new office to the BBQ was only a few steps away.

I think for the many ways lockdown has stopped us doing things, it has allowed us a freedom to be creative, cherish being outdoors, grab our paddleboards again, and play in the sea. Sure, we played in the sea before, but this time, after 6 weeks of not being allowed to, it felt like we earnt it.

There has been a massive pressure to make sure you use this time to for so called ‘self improvement’. The countless adverts from photoshop workshops to foreign language apps will tell you that Isaac Newton discovered gravity during lockdown and Edvard Munch continued painting whilst in quarantine with Spanish Flu.

Maybe we haven’t all been that productive but we’ve all got through it in our own way, from a fancy dress zoom party where we plagiarised and completely ruined Gustav Klimts ‘The Kiss’.

Or maybe we cherished cuddling our cats a little bit more- it’s the little things that have got us through this.


Perhaps Feeder were really on to something when they said ‘Get a house in Devon, drink cider from 11’. (Only on the weekend though).