Move or Restructure?

Shannon Motte
April 30, 2021

With the pandemic bringing a new dynamic to how a home should perform, more and more people have been moving to take advantage of the stamp duty holiday. The housing market has seen a huge rise in property prices in the last year due to a dwindling supply of housing available has brought a 13% rise in buyer demand. This increased to 24% in one week following the stamp duty holiday extension.

Having worked from home for over a year now, our impromptu work desks have become a permanent feature. And according to IoD and Management Today, that could be here to stay. 1 in 10 UK companies has already downsized. Another 36% are considering it. 60% of execs intend to let staff work from home more often. And the average employee expects to conduct business from home 1.25 days a week.

This means your zoom backdrop matters, it is now your brand. Workstations must become an integral part of any design scheme regardless of how much space you have. They have a direct impact on your productivity and can influence your whole work life balance.

But this isn’t just about home offices. Its about how we feel in our current homes and what we can do post pandemic to maximise all the space we have at home.

Reorganising and reorienting rooms within our houses allows us to reinvent spaces whether you have just moved or are staying put. This previous childrens play area and dumping ground corridor was transformed by Studio Mcgee to create a dining area and snug.



Perhaps you’ve been struggling with the layout of your house for a few years and need to refresh and rejigg the design for it to work to your strengths. This project has a large utility room with access and views into the garden that weren’t being utilised, while the dining room had no windows. By replanning the space and moving the kitchen into the extension, the owners have transformed a messy area into something that really works for them. Updates on this project in the future!

We have gained a new understanding of our homes and that will stay with us. We are much more aware of our surroundings now. They will say they want to use this room at that time because of the light but move to another later because it has changed. Distinctions are being made about how we use rooms in the morning and early evening as most of us weren’t using our homes like that pre-pandemic. Our view is that after the world grows back into its ‘new normal’ we will crave homely, warm spaces that work for any eventuality we throw at them in the future.

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