Taking the plunge...

Taking the plunge...

June 13, 2022
Private Pool & Spa
Sport & Leisure

Indoor or outdoor, painted or tiled, infinity edge, plunge or lap pool…. the fact is we love swimming, and nothing beats the vista of an expanse of shimmering water. Whether it be for relaxation or recreation, a private pool really adds a wow factor to your property. The pandemic has changed our priorities, more of us are splashing out on staycations and creating our own personal retreats. As experts in Leisure, we have created spectacular bespoke pools for Rockstar's through to high-end luxury Spa’s.

A pool will always be an aspirational feature and a focal point of any home. Stylish pools with carefully considered design features add value. What surrounds the pool is just as important as the pool itself, as you are creating an outdoor living space, a place to gather and entertain. During the summer months, guests can cool off and relax around the pool in beautifully designed surroundings with inviting seating areas. Pools that are both indoor and outdoor offer exciting opportunities for innovative synergistic design, while clever lighting can create a warm and enticing ambiance well into the small hours. Outdoor kitchens extend living spaces beyond the back door, and as the darker months take hold, a fire feature offers a great place to gather.

However, it is a major investment, with the options increasing all the time, it can be overwhelming. For many, it remains a dream, but we can make it happen. By encouraging the development of your own ideas, we will guide you through the design and construction process, so you can create a space that will enhance your lifestyle and wellbeing for years to come.

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