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Bicester & Ploughley Sports Centre

Cherwell District Council
June 2009
Contract Value
£4.5 Million
Sport & Leisure

The refurbishment and the remodelling of the Bicester leisure centre involved major (mainly internal) alterations. Externally the main alterations to the appearance of the building have been the newly remodelled entrance foyer and sign. The building has been further enhanced externally with the construction of a glazed “stair link” between two levels of the double height fitness suite. A second entrance has been provided at the rear of the building serving the newly installed exciting (6 lane) ten -pin bowling facility with its own ancillary refreshments and amusement areas. The alterations have created a new double height fitness suite, exercise /aerobic studios, new wet and dry changing facilities and new storage areas. The remodelled leisure centre is a dual use facility serving the adjoining the school as well as the general public. Special provisions for school use have been included.

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